Protect the charging infrastructure and electric vehicles from damage caused by lightning strikes and surges – Meet normative electromobility requirements. Reduce the risk of system failure and damage to the electric vehicle.

In this web training you will learn: 
How lightning strikes and surges affect the charging infrastructure and connected vehicles. 
Which standards and regulations have to be observed during planning and operation. 
Which protective measures are necessary for safe and trouble-free operation according to the lightning protection zone concept.

The aim of an external lightning protection system is to protect buildings from direct lightning strikes and fire or from the effects of lightning current.

In this web-based training course you will become familiar with the air-termination system, down conductor and earth-termination system of an external lightning protection system and you will learn how to plan an external lightning protection system.

Lightning strikes are the main source of surges and jeopardise buildings and installations even if they are protected by a lightning protection system.

Our power supply, communication and information systems are based on sensitive electric and electronic devices.
If these components fail or malfunction, entire systems come to a standstill and the consequences are far-reaching.
It is therefore important to prevent damage to devices, installations and systems.

Lightning and surge protection are vital elements here.

Ensuring highly available pipelines as well as a safe environment for everyone working on the system can be a major challenge. It is not all that easy to detect interference voltage in good time and reduce it to a harmless level.This video shows you how the VCSD decoupling device reliably protects both people and systems and, on top of that, is a smart aid for your daily work.

Video about 7 minutes